Someone’s Another

As I was blankly staring at this view I was greatly reminded of a distressing reality - the coming of one is the passing of another. That hit me real hard. Someone's last day is another's first day. Someone's last meal is another's first feast. Someone's last celebration is another's first congratulations. Someone's last gasp… Continue reading Someone’s Another


Vietnam Invaders

I welcomed my family to the humble city of Thai Nguyen where I lived for almost four years (haaay kinda miss it na like right now #3ggrd). It is located at the northern part of Vietnam, probably 1h 30 m to 2h away from Hanoi, the country's capital. Since I'm more comfortable in sharing my… Continue reading Vietnam Invaders

First Day of School

August 23, 3017 - Officially the first day of school Nakakatuwa naman at nagsimula na rin sa wakas ang klase for the academic year 2017-2018. Ganito pala yung feeling na nakikinita mo na ang pagtatapos sa kolehiyo. Sa kabila ng struggles at hirap in the past two years, konting-konti na lang!   Pero walang mas… Continue reading First Day of School

A Not-So-Unfortunate Event

Coming back to Vietnam feels like a punishment, especially for a family-oriented person like me. Now I understand why my dad (an OFW) didn't want me to go and study here. But it is still a relief that I am now a step closer to unveil what is ahead of me. I am still grateful… Continue reading A Not-So-Unfortunate Event

Life Of Having A ‘Health-Conscious Mom’

When she's ditching doctors' prescriptions and meds and would always go for natural and said-to-be-effective natural health remedies. She can be a scientist slash herbalist anytime, for she always experiment about herbal and natural remedies. Her natural remedies will always relieve you when you're feeling sick, tired, and stressed-out. Even though you're not sure whether… Continue reading Life Of Having A ‘Health-Conscious Mom’

Strolling the Streets of Hanoi

It was a fine, sunny day of December 24th 2016 when we were bound to Hanoi. I've been through a hustle and bustle that morning, because the ATM that I've been withdrawing for a long time became fully dysfunctional. Procrastination at it finest; it was my fault for not withdrawing money a day before the trip. I… Continue reading Strolling the Streets of Hanoi

When in Thanh Hóa

  On the 14th day of September 2016, Wednesday, first day of fieldwork, K46 students of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) gathered at 4:30 in the morning, and left Thai Nguyen City at 5:30 am to Hai Tien Beach, Hoang Tien Commune, Hoang Hoa District, Thanh Hoa Province. We arrived at around… Continue reading When in Thanh Hóa

Iba’t-ibang Klase ng Pagkaudlot

Sobrang busy ko talaga last month hanggang ngayon month bes, yung tipong magpapasko na pala, pero dahil wala ako sa pinas at hindi naman nagcecelebrate ng pasko dito, wala talaga akong maramdaman. So 'yun bes just currently going with the flow lang ang bes mo. Hindi na ulit nakakapagsulat, at heto nagkukwento na lang muna.… Continue reading Iba’t-ibang Klase ng Pagkaudlot

Sick of Shadows

  That shadow is a visual of reality. It doesn't have the power to overcome you. It is you who leads that shadow. Don't be afraid by the mere black reflection of yourself. That shadow won't be there without you, who can still manage to be sun kissed. Who can still have the effort to absorb all… Continue reading Sick of Shadows