Sick of Shadows

  That shadow is a visual of reality. It doesn't have the power to overcome you. It is you who leads that shadow. Don't be afraid by the mere black reflection of yourself. That shadow won't be there without you, who can still manage to be sun kissed. Who can still have the effort to absorb all… Continue reading Sick of Shadows


Just Don’t

Don't give in too much. Don't be too polite in replying to every message that he sent. Don't be too considerate. Don't perceive things emotionally. Don't turn a stone into a universe. Don't turn around. Don't make a friendly conversation into an enticing, romantic one. Don't discern for his thoughts. Just don't. Because eventually you… Continue reading Just Don’t

Without Reservations

I am known for being a talkative arse since high school. I hate 'dead air' the most, I hate going out without someone to talk to. I hate those awkward stares from the people I passed by when I'm alone (maybe they also hate me for my cold stares). Sometimes being alone doesn't really mean I… Continue reading Without Reservations


Home is hope. I really want to go home. For a student living away from home, I can see hope. June is approaching. Time for vacation. Time for refreshment. Time for reflection. Time for rejuvenation. Truth be told, when I get back to the Philippines I don't want to leave again. It may seem riotous… Continue reading HOME