Life Of Having A ‘Health-Conscious Mom’

  1. When she’s ditching doctors’ prescriptions and meds and would always go for natural and said-to-be-effective natural health remedies.
  2. She can be a scientist slash herbalist anytime, for she always experiment about herbal and natural remedies.
  3. Her natural remedies will always relieve you when you’re feeling sick, tired, and stressed-out. Even though you’re not sure whether the herbs are really effective or it’s just the mighty placebo effect.
  4. The sound of mortar and pestle will always be around whenever she makes a mixture for cold and cough relief. Simple formula: grinded red ginger + oregano + calamansi + honey. Drink one tablespoon and one glass of water (the mixture is definitely fiery hot) and it will relieve you from cold and tonsillitis.
  5. Her google and youtube history is all about health facts and workouts, for instance – ‘Healthy Ways to Live Your Life’ or ‘Superfoods For Good Metabolism’ or ‘Cardio Zumba’.
  6. There’s always the sound of juicer every morning for the detoxifying drink. In our crowded table of different Filipino dishes, there is always the sight of her oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice for lunch, and green tea for relaxation at night.
  7. Jogging-Walking-Zumba-Aerobics
  8. She eats anything green, veggies I mean. When she went to Vietnam with me, she didn’t have a hard time adjusting to the Vietnamese cuisine. Knowing the local Vietnamese cuisine here, it’s all about fresh veggies and spices, and the locals here are not into pizzas and sweets (basically junk foods), they just love veggies and fruits which favors my mom. She liked the cilantro and mint that the locals eat raw, which are very unfamiliar to us, a bunch of newcomers. I like Vietnamese cuisine too, I don’t hate cilantro and mint in a way that I’ll cringe even on the sight and smell of it.

She knows a lot of ‘healthy-living’ facts and tips but has a difficulty living a full-time healthy lifestyle. As a mother to four daughters and a grandmother to six grandchildren, it’s really hard for her to devote all that she got. I read an article that sometimes we need to give up social life to live a healthy lifestyle, but I know my mom, she will never give up on us and she will never give us up. So as far as I know, the fam is living a ‘semi-healthy’ lifestyle, mediocrity at its finest. #sorrynotsosorry


My mom may not be “that mom” and it’s totally fine, no worries right there. My mom is just my mom and she is not like any other mom. She is a mixture of an old soul and a modern vibe. She is sometimes extremely conscious of herself when her nemesis named ‘anxiety’ creeps in but she has learnt to DGAF too. She is my #BOPOMom (Body Positive Mom).

I am so thankful to inherit everything about her, especially when it’s about the healthy-living-thingy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! You run the world, not just the household!


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