When in Cát Bà

Cát Bà Island – Viet Nam Travel V 2016

Credits to @paulinehiew for the video!


It was 3 am when we left our dormitory which is located at Thai Nguyen City. It was an eight hour travel to Haiphong City where Cat Ba is located. The trip was not just for a pleasure, it was for our subject Water and Society. At first it was unfamiliar for me studying about water. How it affects the economy of a country, how it produces conflict among nations, how it affects the ecological system, and how significant it is in every living organism that exists.


I’ve learned many things during the discussion and at the field (Cat Ba). It’s absurd how most of us, including me, disregard the things that are vital. There are so many simple ways to appreciate those things, yet I didn’t do anything. I just sit here and watch the world revolve. In a world where change is the only constant thing, we all want a change for the better, yet we only knew how to speak and not to act. We are being devoured by the system of money, of power and of fame. I realized that life is like a set of domino, every little thing we do will have an either positive or negative effect.


We traveled by bus for about eight hours, and by ship for about an hour. I did not expect the view to be very impressive, but indeed it was impressive, it left me in an awestruck moment.



It’s funny because I’ve never been to Boracay or El Nido (Philippines’ tourist spots). It’s funny how a field work/experiment happened in this place.

As I’ve said, it’s not for pleasure but for experiment. We were told to interview tourists and locals about their overview, feedback, and comments about the water quality, water management, and recommendations in Cat Ba. We asked the foreigners the most, because the locals have a difficulty in speaking English, and we have a difficulty in speaking Tieng Viet. The result of our survey was saddening, because the feedback and overviews are mostly negative. About water quality, most of them said that the water was not that clean, as they’ve seen a lot of rubbish floating in the ocean, at the harbor, and at the seashore. They also think that the beach lack water management and service crews for tourists. Most of them were impressed by the view alone, but not with the water quality, management, and service crews. We met a lot of people with different nationalities. It was a tiring yet an inspiring field work.

Nick and Daniella from Europe.



Good news, got an A for this subject. I am sincerely grateful to our professor, Arinafril Naalim, for sharing his heartfelt lectures and experiences. I learned a lot from this subject Water and Society.

If water was gold, would you save it? 

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