Seasons are Changing

Winter is gone, a new season has come, Spring.

Just as the coldness is done, the flowers and leaves start to bloom.

A new beginning. Another season to be plentiful and pleasant. 


In my eyes, plants are the most blissful creatures in Spring, and the most melancholic creatures in Winter.

Plants are alive. They wither. They die. After the vivid season comes the gloomy one. Life cycle. 

How I wish my feelings are like these plants. How I wish I could start anew together with these creatures, programmed to bloom in spring. Move on and live well. 

Not all plants bloom during spring. Some of them dies too. 

It’s so strange but they give me hope and happiness. I always stare at them and observe them, wondering how they were formed, in awe of the Mighty One who created and gave life to them.

I realized that if God cared for them, He cares for me too. If he restored the trees and flowers and made them vivid again, then He will make me whole again.

Somehow, somewhere, He is there to help me get over the season of brokenness, and He will give me joy to welcome the new season of my life.

Maybe not today, but in due time.

8 thoughts on “Seasons are Changing”

      1. ha ha ha…nakakatuwa ngang makita pag nagkakaroon ulit ng buhay…

        sinubukan kong idrowing yan dahil natuwa ako kaso lang haha ako ay nabigo


      2. Hindi na nila kailangan ng filter/effects ano. Nakakamangha talaga. 😊 Nakakatuwa at talagang sinubukan mo pang idrowing ‘yan.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. oo. kahit walang filter. gustong gusto ko yung picture haha kasi may something…parang ‘a promise of new life’ ang naiisip ko pag tinitingnan ko…kaso bigo ang aking drawing haha


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