Seasons are Changing

Winter is gone, a new season has come, Spring. Just as the coldness is done, the flowers and leaves start to bloom. A new beginning. Another season to be plentiful and pleasant.     In my eyes, plants are the most blissful creatures in Spring, and the most melancholic creatures in Winter. Plants are alive. They… Continue reading Seasons are Changing


Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown) – Orange and Lemons HQ – YouTube

  I read about and I discovered this song. It was right to the feels, kahit pa lumang luma na. Actually, pagdating sa OPM, I prefer songs na kahit luma na, basta damang dama nung sumulat at nung kumanta yung lyrics. There are times When I'm lyin' in my bed How I bellow and cry from… Continue reading Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown) – Orange and Lemons HQ – YouTube

Thoughtless Thoughts

Life is an irony. When you love, that's when you get hurt. When you already knew something's wrong, you still go for it. When you want to make things lucid, that's when they get blurry. When you almost believe that life is a boomerang, that's when you get nothing in return. When you felt loved,… Continue reading Thoughtless Thoughts