Strolling the Streets of Hanoi

It was a fine, sunny day of December 24th 2016 when we were bound to Hanoi. I’ve been through a hustle and bustle that morning, because the ATM that I’ve been withdrawing for a long time became fully dysfunctional. Procrastination at it finest; it was my fault for not withdrawing money a day before the trip. I expected the machine to work properly, since it had been doing a great job all this time until the trip. What a coincidence! My heart was trembling out of procrastination and fright, but I still managed to find a functional machine that can work with international cards. Thank God I still managed to drive the e-bike through the busy streets while I’m being preoccupied by my negativity. I was able to drive back to our dormitory fifteen minutes before the service to Hanoi arrived. Phew!


We rented a van which is called New Star Limousine online through the help of our Vietnamese classmate. We were not expecting such an extravagant van, what we expected was just the usual service van. I think we got what we have paid for, great quality and service! We felt like celebrities for a while.


We stayed at Chien Hostel for three days and two nights, sadly I do not have any pictures of the squad while staying there but the accommodation was incredible. The hostel has free breakfast until 8 am, it has a great view, delightful rooms, and for those who drink it has free beers until 10 pm.


Before going to Hanoi, we did a little research of our itineraries; but just like any other trips we were able to find only few of the places. Most of the places that are listed in our to-go list are either too expensive or out of sight. We are still students so we want to be as affordable as possible, so basically what we did was just stroll the streets just like what everybody else did that time.

Basically we just strolled around the lake while taking pictures and enjoying the view of the morning hustle. Vehicles were not allowed to pass on the street around Hoan Kiem Lake maybe because of the holiday season. Then we went to Lotte Observation Deck where we witnessed a blissful night view of Hanoi city, I think we were at the 60th floor that time. It was a frightening height but the view was so captivating it enlightened me. We also celebrated my birthday in the hostel where food was not allowed, but because it was my birthday, they allowed my friends to surprise me. We were also able to do the bean-boozled challenge!

What challenged us the most is the barrier in language. It was so hard for us to communicate with the taxi drivers, and the locals. Overall, it was a blissful experience!

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A Not-So-Unfortunate Event

Coming back to Vietnam feels like a punishment, especially for a family-oriented person like me. Now I understand why my dad (an OFW) didn’t want me to go and study here. 

But it is still a relief that I am now a step closer to unveil what is ahead of me. I am still grateful for the strength in the past two years of my college life and for the continuous provision.

It was partly my fault why I feel dreadful living here. We were told that we are to influence the Vietnamese in terms of conversing in English before coming here. I trusted too much. I did not think of the reality in my deepest understanding. I was just too overwhelmed by studying abroad. BIG WORD. BIG WORLD.

I had the choice to stay, but I chose to be away. I was overwhelmed by all the sugarcoated words that our admin and seniors said about the system that fueled my ambitious expectations. Sometimes I can’t help but to think of being scammed and pranked. 

At first, the idea of coming here seems liberating but being away from my family makes me weak at times but I know that it also makes me stronger over time.  

This opportunity is brilliant and I am thankful that I am one of the chosen scholars to experience and to cherish it. It’s just that there are times where I just want to go home for a second and eat my mom’s Puchero, Kare-Kare, Ensaladang Pako, at Nilagang Saging na Saba; to cuddle with my parents,  and to chitchat with my family.

My vacation ended well so far, even though we did not make it to travel the Philippines’ breathtaking places, nothing will ever be compared being with my biological and spiritual family. 

Now I am back at it again with other Filipino students (we just arrived yesterday) and we are now graduating students of Thài Nguyên University of Agriculture and Forestry. 

I know that this lingering pain and sadness is temporary and this too shall pass! Keep on going! 

Here is a mema vlog (nothing but a compliation of saved videos in my phone) of my vacay

Life Of Having A ‘Health-Conscious Mom’

  1. When she’s ditching doctors’ prescriptions and meds and would always go for natural and said-to-be-effective natural health remedies.
  2. She can be a scientist slash herbalist anytime, for she always experiment about herbal and natural remedies.
  3. Her natural remedies will always relieve you when you’re feeling sick, tired, and stressed-out. Even though you’re not sure whether the herbs are really effective or it’s just the mighty placebo effect.
  4. The sound of mortar and pestle will always be around whenever she makes a mixture for cold and cough relief. Simple formula: grinded red ginger + oregano + calamansi + honey. Drink one tablespoon and one glass of water (the mixture is definitely fiery hot) and it will relieve you from cold and tonsillitis.
  5. Her google and youtube history is all about health facts and workouts, for instance – ‘Healthy Ways to Live Your Life’ or ‘Superfoods For Good Metabolism’ or ‘Cardio Zumba’.
  6. There’s always the sound of juicer every morning for the detoxifying drink. In our crowded table of different Filipino dishes, there is always the sight of her oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice for lunch, and green tea for relaxation at night.
  7. Jogging-Walking-Zumba-Aerobics
  8. She eats anything green, veggies I mean. When she went to Vietnam with me, she didn’t have a hard time adjusting to the Vietnamese cuisine. Knowing the local Vietnamese cuisine here, it’s all about fresh veggies and spices, and the locals here are not into pizzas and sweets (basically junk foods), they just love veggies and fruits which favors my mom. She liked the cilantro and mint that the locals eat raw, which are very unfamiliar to us, a bunch of newcomers. I like Vietnamese cuisine too, I don’t hate cilantro and mint in a way that I’ll cringe even on the sight and smell of it.

She knows a lot of ‘healthy-living’ facts and tips but has a difficulty living a full-time healthy lifestyle. As a mother to four daughters and a grandmother to six grandchildren, it’s really hard for her to devote all that she got. I read an article that sometimes we need to give up social life to live a healthy lifestyle, but I know my mom, she will never give up on us and she will never give us up. So as far as I know, the fam is living a ‘semi-healthy’ lifestyle, mediocrity at its finest. #sorrynotsosorry


My mom may not be “that mom” and it’s totally fine, no worries right there. My mom is just my mom and she is not like any other mom. She is a mixture of an old soul and a modern vibe. She is sometimes extremely conscious of herself when her nemesis named ‘anxiety’ creeps in but she has learnt to DGAF too. She is my #BOPOMom (Body Positive Mom).

I am so thankful to inherit everything about her, especially when it’s about the healthy-living-thingy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! You run the world, not just the household!

When in Thanh Hóa


On the 14th day of September 2016, Wednesday, first day of fieldwork, K46 students of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) gathered at 4:30 in the morning, and left Thai Nguyen City at 5:30 am to Hai Tien Beach, Hoang Tien Commune, Hoang Hoa District, Thanh Hoa Province. We arrived at around 11 in the morning and after having lunch and we went on to search for places that are applicable for observation. The aim of our field work is to observe the communities (urban, rural, coastal, and agricultural), within Thanh Hoa City and to take note of their differences (organisms, biodiversity, species richness, etc.)


It was scorching in that place; enough to make you cringe even though you have stayed put to avoid sweating. The beach was surrounded by hotels and there is an amusement park under construction. It was pretty scary at night because there were no lights at the streets and we were the only tourists in the place. The hotel that we were staying was literally the only hotel that was filled with people. The locals said that tourists only come at a certain season.


We got to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival at the seaside especially our Vietnamese classmates. They lit a bonfire, sang and danced around it while holding each other’s hands forming a circle. When they saw that the foreigners were just watching the celebration, they started pulling each one of us like they were gripping on a tight rope. I am honestly horrible with these kind of things. I am horrible meddling with people especially during parties. It was a relief that I just went through it while running sideways and kept my balance. It was a relief that I didn’t get thrown on that scorching bonfire while my nearly drunk Vietnamese classmates held each of my hands.


The trip was a fusion of disappointment and delight; I guess life will always be that way. My whole being is always open to experience new things and to be exposed with different cultures beyond my comfort zone. I now understand that the world is not mine alone and I appreciate that, I hope you do too.



Iba’t-ibang Klase ng Pagkaudlot

Sobrang busy ko talaga last month hanggang ngayon month bes, yung tipong magpapasko na pala, pero dahil wala ako sa pinas at hindi naman nagcecelebrate ng pasko dito, wala talaga akong maramdaman. So ‘yun bes just currently going with the flow lang ang bes mo. Hindi na ulit nakakapagsulat, at heto nagkukwento na lang muna.

So ayon, may quiz kami bukas sa Introduction to Biology: Ecology and Evolution. Habang inaaral ko ang iba’t-ibang klase ng prezygotic reproductive barriers napagtanto kong may relation itong mga ‘to sa mga kalimitang nangyayari sa realidad ng buhay ng mga millennials. (Actually nakakarelate naman talaga, kahit tungkol sa halaman at hayop ang pinag-uusapan.)

Prezygotic reproductive barriers

Definition: act before fertilization to prevent individuals of different species or population from mating.

Ito yung sinasasabi kong “pagkaudlot”. What I mean is pagkaudlot ng damdamin o pagkaudlot ng pag-iibigan. Minsan kapag you are into someone, masasabi mong that someone is also into you kasi pinaparamdam niya na mahalaga ka (nagpapakita ng motibo) pero hindi maiiwasang bigla-bigla ka na lang niya iiwan sa ere (Shout out to Kisses Delavin). Ang pagkakaudlot na ‘yan ay may iba-t-ibang rason o kadahilanan (based on our handout sa Bio lang po ito na naiugnay ko).

  1. Habitat Isolation

Definition: When individuals evolve genetic preferences for different habitats in which they live or mate, they may never come into contact during their respective mating periods.  

Ayan bes, ‘yan yung mga ayaw sa long distance relationship, or kaya hindi nag wo-work ang isang relationship is because of the long distance. I remember one time, may kausap ako sa omegle, tapos sinabi ko na wala ako sa pinas ngayon, tapos yun sabi niya “Ay long distance!” tapos biglang the stranger left you na lang! Kaloka bes!


      2. Temporal Isolation

 Definition: If two individuals breed at different times of the year (or different times of day), the two may never have an opportunity to hybridize. 

Minsan kaya nauudlot ang isang nabubuong samahan ay dahil siguro bigla niyang na-realize na mainitin pala ang ulo mo or may mood swings ka pala ganyan. ‘Yon biglang naging switch ng fluorescent light, turned-off siya bes! O kaya naman, kapag H na H (hamit na hamit) or G na G (game na game) ka na makiride sa mga trip niya, pero siya naman itong wala sa mood. Ganeeern bes!


      3. Mechanical Isolation

Definition: Differences in the sizes and shapes of reproductive organs may prevent the union of gametes from different species. 

Explain ko pa po ba ito? Minor pa po ako eh, sa December pa po ang time na legal age na ako. Very self-explanatory naman po diba bes?

4. Behavioral Isolation 

Definition: Individuals may reject, or fail to recognize, other individuals as potential mating partners. 

Yan yung kapag nasa ligawan stage, pwedeng si girl hanggang super-mega-ultra-to-the-highest-level-bestfriend lang talaga sayo (a moment of silence to all organisms in the friendzone)  or vice-versa (huh? pwede na rin manligaw mga babae? kayo bahala)

O di kaya naman ay yung guy/girl na ‘yan ay di makita yung worth mo, she/he failed to recognize yung pagmamahal mong pinagsisigawan mo na, kulang na lang isampal mo sa mukha niya (joke lang, bad yon!) Simple lang bes, H-I-N-D-I     K-A     N-I-Y-A           G-U-S-T-O, malinaw na ba? Sakit bes.

Ayan bes, habang nag-aaral talaga ako ay napapangiti na lang ako kapag ni-re-relate ko ang topic na ‘to sa iba eh! Ayon, sana makapasa ako sa quiz. Fighting bes!


Sobrang busy ko this month bes, pero push pa rin ako. Compared last year masasabi kong naka move on na ako, move on from what?! From everything that’s keeping me from moving on! (Barcelona lang bes, charaught!) 
I really want to say sa mga prof and guest lecturers namin yung patok na linya ni DJ sa Barcelona eh. Lalo na sa mga oras na puro homeworks, fieldworks, field report, midterms, and finals. 

To my professors and lecturers, stop acting like you know my pain! Stop acting like you own it! 😂💬

Masasabi kong naka-adjust na ako this year, alam ko na kasi yung mga mangyayari. Alam ko nang may darating sa buhay ko na hindi rin naman magtatagal. Alam kong may darating na sasabihing maghihintay pero syiempre sa una lang ‘yon kasi sa una lang mayabong ang kanyang pag-ibig. 
Pero kahit na masalimuot ang mga pangarap ko sa buhay pag-ibig, may mga kaibigan naman akong kaya akong gisingin dahil sa malalakas nilang tinig. 😂
Madaling araw na ako lagi natutulog ngayon, kakaisip…

Kakaisip sa kanya? 🙄

Kakaisip sa mga deadlines. Natuto na this bes. 😌👊🏽

Sick of Shadows


Lead that shadow to its rightful place.


That shadow is a visual of reality.

It doesn’t have the power to overcome you.

It is you who leads that shadow.

Don’t be afraid by the mere black reflection of yourself.

That shadow won’t be there without you, who can still manage to be sun kissed.

Who can still have the effort to absorb all those vitamin D’s provided by life.

Don’t panic about having that visual of reality.

It looks too real but it doesn’t have that mind like yours.

Remember, it won’t be there without you, just glare at it and lead it to its right place.

It Is Well


Just Don’t

Don’t give in too much.

Don’t be too polite in replying to every message that he sent.

Don’t be too considerate.

Don’t perceive things emotionally.

Don’t turn a stone into a universe.

Don’t turn around.

Don’t make a friendly conversation into an enticing, romantic one.

Don’t discern for his thoughts.

Just don’t.

Because eventually you will fall. You will fall way too hard.

Too hard you will turn into pieces and later on to a stone.

Don’t give in too much. Just don’t.

Stay away from stereotypes.

You are a strong and independent woman.

Be witty enough.

Get Out 

Get out of the stereotype world. Get out of that door.

To be stylish is to be you alone.

To be stylish is to build everlasting legacy.

To be stylish is to be free from dubious thoughts.

To be stylish is to rock glittery outfit during the day.

To be stylish is to wear a combination of navy blue and black.

To be stylish is to take a candid photo without thinking about the standard angles.

To be stylish is to shut insecurities down.

To be stylish is to be a giddy gent/lady.

To be stylish is to appreciate one’s self.

To be stylish is to break rules and stereotypes.

To be STYLISH is to be YOU alone.

Go and have a break. Be stylish and be your own stylist.